Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A message for BCIRISH

I will post this temporarily for you BCIRISH  as you left me no email address.  I did not get permission to share this so once you read it will you please let me know so that I can remove it from the net.  I hope this will give you some information to help you with your visit to family home town and house.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Oldies but Goodies........

 The older looking building in Des Moines, Iowa is the Polk County courthouse. It still stands today and is on the National Registry. The building itself is designed with a combinations of decorations from so many historic buildings from overseas.

The present courthouse was built in 1906 on the same square as the previous courthouse. It was built for $750,000 in the Beaux-Arts style.  It was designed by the Des Moines architectural firm of Proudfoot and Bird. The original columns, stairways and walls were constructed in marble. Murals on the fourth floor were painted by Charles A. Cummings and Edward Simmons.

This is full view of the back of the building as I took the shot from a parking lot on Saturday.  I am always amazed at the mixture of all of the architectural details of so many buildings found in Venice, Athens, Rome and the country of Greece. Notice the sharp contrast of a modern building to the left that declares no decoration other than line and value.

A quick look of the reality of the shot is shown here in color.  I am glad that the building is protected and the people will just build a newer building elsewhere.

Just for fun I want to share this one other older building in downtown Des Moines.  It has had some form of a bar on the main floor for many years.  I saw it still standing while downtown on Saturday and I had to get a shot of it. I had thought the building had been torn down.  By the signs in the windows I think that it is still a bar.

One final photo, just for fun, is of this modern building that sits to the left of the courthouse.  It is an interesting modern building with one decoration that has become famous.  The front of the building has the typical modern design for an accent to its look.  It is said the architect did not know that when it is lighted at night that the shape of a Seagram's Whiskey bottle would be in view.  The building could not light some of the windows to prevent the bottle from showing up but now it has become its trademark even though it is not a Seagram's building.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

New and Old.....

Following the theme today, sort of, I wanted to share the only few personal shots that I have with bicycles in them.  The above one was dumped at my garbage bin a few years ago and it remains as a decoration in my yard. I have ridden the bike and I definitely need to start riding it again.

As a decoration it now has a new wheel added to keep it company.  It is an old farm wheel from a cart that I brought home last fall.

Here again is the scene that was taken in the fall before the snow started to fall. Our town has a bike trail that extends out of our town and goes east over an old train bridge.  The bridge in 13 stories tall and is now a major attraction for Iowa as people can take the trail for miles after crossing it.  Our town people are putting bikes out in their yards for decoration to help promote the High Trestle Trail Bridge. I have lived here long enough to remember the sounds of the train at night loading grain.  The rails were removed 10 years or more as all grain is now trucked elsewhere for shipping. The bike leans against my river birch tree even though I should move it closer to the road to make it visible for visitors in town.

This is a photo of myself and my older brother Dwight. It is 1956 in Southern Iowa on our family farm. The photo was taken in the fall with our old farm house in the background.   I was  6 years old and in the 1st grade by this time and my brother would have been 9 and in 4th grade. I couldn't get on that bike as I was too small.  We both are wearing hand me down clothes as we have two older brothers.  I was wearing Dwight's old clothes in this photo.

Memories brought back from the picture included the two locust trees with large thorns.  You had to be careful to not walk under them without shoes.  The concrete structure is a cistern that my dad would fill with water from a farm pond.  The pond is south and water was pumped by a gasoline engine a long ways to be poured in to the holding tank.  The water was used for washing clothes and running the bathroom water.  Drinking water came from a well with me carrying the buckets of water to the house twice a day. I did that chore with glee but never understanding why the older brother never had a single chore. I guess I was too complying and should have rebelled a little. 

Another memory was the wind break that was planted to help stop the northern winds from blowing at the house.  It really should have been made with evergreen trees as the stems and twigs of those kind of trees didn't block much wind.  The house actually sat on the top of a steep hill and it was a very cold house.  My room with my my older brother was the top window in the house.  It was the north west corner, the coldest room in the house in the winter. The house had no insulation it was never warm inside in the winter.   The house was torn down by family members in 1959 and a new ranch house replaced it.  It was a very warm house inside during the winter.

To follow with the theme of the last phot is the shot of me and my brothers when I was a couple of years younger.  We are sharing our pets to the world with the dog Tippie and two of the cats of the many that we had on the farm. From left to right is Rex Burgus, born in 1943, Ron Burgus born in 1941, Dwight Burgus born in 1947, d. 2008, and myself born in 1950. The oldest brother who is smaller, has lived most of his life in Mesa. Arizona.  The taller brother Rex has lived most of his life in California, near the Disneyland area.  Me of course stuck in Iowa all of my life. I do live in the north central part of Iowa and not down in the south anymore.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Valentine's Continued.........From the Past.

My Grandfather Charles Thomas Burgus with his bride Grace Elizabeth Turner Burgus.  I originally was going to share this on Valentine's day but things got too distracting so I just have saved it for now. The last photo I share today is the one that inspired the whole posting. I don't have a date for this marriage. I am searching cousin's things and found out the first grandchild was born in 1928. So this photo has to be around the early 1900's,

The first four of ten children that were born are shown here with Cecil, Carl, Ruby and Mary Burgus.  This photo is a new one that I had never seen before now. It was shared by my first cousin.  She is one of the older of my first cousins who has photos of my grandparents in their younger days.  Her mother, my aunt Ruby, is the little girl standing by her dad.

Fast forward with the then 10 children.  I am guessing the date here to be 1937 or later. I don't know but my dad, front left, would have been 20 years old being born in 1917. It was said that Grandma Burgus had scarlet fever as an adult and her hair fell out from it.  Her hair came back in as pure white.

Charlie and Grace ready to go to a family picnic at the Murray Park where all ten children with spouses and many grandchildren attended.

Here is a new photo for me to see from my cousin's sharing of it. Charlie and Grace take a trip from the central United States, Murray, Iowa in 1948.  They took a train all the way to the west coast to Washington State, to visit their youngest son Donald and his wife Eileen.  They are holding their grandson Gary. He was born in 1948. 

Concerns were made from their grown up children as they were too elderly to make the trip. The very next year in 1949  Charlie did die. It looks like the trip was a lot of fun for them. Charlie had heard stories from his grandfather about crossing the ocean from Germany and he wanted to see that ocean. Being from the younger end of the family I never met my grandfather.  I did know my grandmother but she had reached an age where she didn't communicate with her grandchildren.  She lived another 20 years or more beyond her husband's death.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Big and Small.

When you are the younges kid of four, you do notice size differences in many ways.  The world around you seems so big.  I am the shortest guy here being 4 years old.  My oldest brother Ron is behind me.  Notice being oldest doesn't make you the tallest.  That was a problem for Ron and he didn't like it. Rex the tallest was a couple of years younger.  My brother next to me, Dwight, always was bigger than me and always tried to be dominate over me in every way both size and of importance. I lost Dwight a few years ago when he was 61 years old.  In this picture he is 7 years old.  It bothered him that I grew up and was successful as he liked to keep his thumb on me. Also in the conclusion of size, Dwight did end up being the tallest even though he was third youngest.

Both of my first cousins are small here.  They are about the same age, under 4 years old and you can see Gene is showing his cousin Jeanette that he can touch the top of her head

My great grandma Driver shows off her second family. The smallest is required to stand and the one boy in the middle is standing on the chair.  I never thought of it before but I bet Grandma Driver was originally sitting in the chair and the kids were not cooperating.  You can see grandma pointing to the camera telling the  girl she is holding to look that way.

It is a complicated story but this is my great grandma Driver's second family.  My grandfather Brown was in her first family of two boys.  This second family are all half cousins of mine, twice removed.  Those young kids in the photos all still live in the Osceola, Iowa area.

While looking for big and small photos I ran across this photo of me.  It would fit the theme if I showed a 65 year old man next to it but that isn't going to happen.  It is 1953 in the summer and we moved from this rented farm during the coming winter during a rain storm.  The roads were dirt back then so we moved by tractor and wagon slipping and sliding on mud roads.   The photo's intention was to show the watermelon juice running down by belly.  I can see that I wasn't allowed to eat it in the house. I wonder if they kept me in a shed outside as to not to make a mess in the house when I eat.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oldies but Goodies......

I have a stach of my mom's old Valentines that she had saved for years.  The oldest date of them is around the early 1930's when she was in high school. There are also ones from country school children given to my mom around 1938. I am assuming that 80 years plus makes them their average age.

The have a fancy colorful front but the inside of the card has another great illustration and verse.

Some of them are more humorous using the dog in a basket to be cute. I think this card had a base on it originally so that it could stand up to be appreciated.

The sailor boy has his eyes on his valentine and I do notice she is looking back at him too.

Some of them were more of a proposition which could have set up a serious relationship. The single color print of the verse and cupid made the process go faster rather than a multicolored design on the inside.

I have had a curiosity if the cards actually did lead to a courtship and marriage.  I know as a kid they were just a tradition but a little earlier in history the verses could have been more intentional and direct.

I have a lot of these and I guess I will just share the ones that I have.  I might show one that may interest some more than others.

Another sailor boy makes me think that I may not have the valentines dated old enough.  I just don't have anyone around to question to find out the date of the people who wrote in them.

A little pigeon toed here as a student probably shared a card with his teacher.

As I write this I do have a memory of one of the valentines being older than 1930's.  My mom's oldest brother was sent to  live with an uncle during his teen years for a couple of reasons.  He was suppose to help with farming.  The second reason was that he was ill-tempered and his parents, my grandmother and grandfather, couldn't make him behave.  One valentine that was in the pile was one from Uncle Lee's kids and my mom's brother.  That would date that one card in the 1920's.

The googly-eyed girl here reminds me of the old movie stars and their big eyes. It is manufactured from a company completely different than all the other ones that are in the pile. It has a glossy ink on it.

Hallmark now controls most of the market with their very beautiful Valentine cards.  Some are very serious and some are funny to read also.  It is sometimes hard to find the just right card as the people of Hallmark write all that they think we might like to share with our loved ones.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Working at Something......

Group work is shown that is yet to be done.  It is a bad photo but a valuable one to me.  The wagons are drawn to a stop as they are taking a break.  I never met my grandfather Leroy Martin Brown but he is the one standing in the back.  It is farm work and I am figuring the time period in the early 1920's.  My grandfather died in 1937 of TB in an institution in Clarinda, Iowa.  I have never manipulated this photo with photoshop and I guess it is waiting for me to make it happen.

This blurry photo is one of three guys working on their tan.  I suppose that it is warm and they didn't wear shirts down on the farm.  The coolest place to be was in the shade of the tree in the summer.  So young boys would go barefoot and shirtless.  I am thinking this is a photo of my three brothers but I am not certain.  I think my oldest brother Ron is on the left and my brother Rex is on the right.  My  brother Dwight is the one sitting on the upside down bucket.  Dwight was born in 1947 and he would have probably been two or older here.  So the year is 1949 or 1950.

This is an older group of high school students who are working at having a mediocre attitude.  I am assuming this was a shot  taken for a yearbook photo.  I can't imagine what it is all about but with the piano in the photo  it could be a choir group.  The photo would have been taken on stage at Woodward, Iowa Schools in 1947.  Why do you thing the teacher is sitting with a sewing machine in front of him?  Maybe it is a group for a school play.

My final photo is of two children working at making a good photo for their parent.  The one has all her dolls to show and the boy dressed in his cowboy hat.  He also has a small stringed instrument and just look at those Roy Rogers chaps.  I am suspecting that these two are cousins of mine from the Lorimor, Iowa area.  It did take work to get them all fixed up just for this one picture. If they are who I think they are, they would be in their late 70's or early 80's in age today.  I am going to say it is Lee Wheeler, Junior and his sister Leila Wheeler.   The one still lives in the same area on the farm and the other lives in Torinton, Wyoming.

 Just in case that I didn't follow the working group of people theme making pottery very well, I included a shot of some of the pottery that I have made. The tallest one was made in the 1970's which makes it an old item in a new photo.

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