Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Friday, October 28, 2011

Old Photos 1940's

The photo is one that my Dad brought home with him when he returned from World War 2.  I think it could be Belfium in 1943 and yet they did travel to France via other countries so it may be in another country. It is one of my unknown photos in his collection of many war time shots. I really am not sure the photo is of my dad but it could be as they took photos of each other to record their happenings of the time.

Thanks to the two blogger friends that did the research for me.  This is Karlshafen, Germany in 1945. It had to have been taken after the defeat of the country and when they were leaving the country to ship out to go home.

An unknown location but I am sure my dad thought it to be a majestic building. He, being a farm boy from the midland prairie, was familiar with small one story wooden farm houses or two story square farm homes.  A house that reminds one of a castle would be of interest to him.

The American soldiers all averaged in their early twenties in age and fishing would have been of great interest to them. The children seem interested to see what he has on his line. This photo had to be there near the city in Belgium where  my dad was stationed. He was there temporarily before he was sent out to be with the soldiers in the Battle of the Bulge.  One of my older blogs had a commenting friend tell me the name of the city as to where they were stationed but I have yet to find it in my old blogs.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just sitting there........

Great grandfather Charles Brown, Illinois.
Died when my grandfather was three years old in the early 1900's.

Unknown school scene of the early 1900's in southern Iowa

Unknown folk from an album found in a house in Osceola, Iowa.  Probably related to the Webster's of Osceola but that is yet to be researched.

Step grandpa Oscar Brooks with my brothers Ron, standing, and Rex on his lap.  By the age of the boys this has to  be around 1944.  Oscar was a grumpy old cote.  He would sit and stare at the black and white tv set with a baseball game being televised and spit chew next to his chair into a tall fruit juice can.  Baseball games that were televised back then usually only had one or two tv cameras so it was starring at the back of the head of a pitcher as he threw the ball.

My grandfather Leroy Brown died in 1937 and my grandmother remarried Oscar at an unknown date for me anyway.  The photo is taken on the steps of the porch of the house in Murray that my grandmother owned in Murray.  The house still stands today with it's second story having been removed and it being turned into a Cape Cod style house.  It is in a lot of disrepair these days but still stands.

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