Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Friday, July 30, 2010

No family history, just photo history......

I am now believing this is Daniel Webster who lived in the former house that stood on my parents property.  He is in Masonic uniform and I did find Masonic books in the piles of things that came from the house.  The photo here was taken at the Graves Photography in Osceola, Iowa.  I believe he is the same man as we saw in the past blog in the two top photos.  I have one other photo of him when he is older and Daniel Webster is written on the front of the card photo from Graves Photography.

The photos are coming from these two wonderful old albums.  My plans are to eventually to scan every photo and try to make sense of them by comparing shots on the computer rather that take the photos out of the book.  I want to leave them in the same order as the owner of the albums had placed them.

As an example as to how the pages look in the blue album they are simulated walnut design with gold decorations.  Watch the couple above as I post the next two photos.

This is the photo of the same couple as was above, only I believe they may have not been married yet.

The man did not live long as you can see the funeral card made here. There was writing on the back, no name, but that he had died March 28, 1897.  As you can see he and his wife were from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I have yet to find an exact name but I have a set of three sisters in the book and I think that the man from Osceola in the photo is married to one of the sisters.

So the main portion of the pictures in the two albums are coming  from Osceola, Iowa and Fort Wayne, Indiana.  There is one photo from Kellerton, Iowa and another from Clarinda, Iowa.

The writer of the diary that I previous blogged about did not live in Osceola. The writer of the diary must be a relative of the Websters as her handwritten card is above.  I am thinking that the address is in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This and two other handwritten cards were in behind a blank photo window.  The names on their cards were also Jackson women which were addressed as Miss which made them her daughters or her sister in laws.

I will post about my own family from here on but I had a little more "show and tell" to do here as I found names today and it does get interesting.  I will leave you one more picture of a woman with great  character and determination as you can see in her face.  She is an unknown for now.


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Christine H. said...

The funeral card is particularly fascinating and beautiful in a special way. On the other hand - is it just me or is there something comical about Daniel Webster? I expect him to break into a Monty Python routine any minute.

Kat Mortensen said...

Are we talking about THE Daniel Webster?

The lady in the photograph looks as if she might have been a beauty in younger days, don't you think?


Martin H. said...

You are sharing a wonderful story of intrigue with us, Larry. Please keep us up to date with developments.

Eric S. said...

I think I closed the tab before doing the captcha. So if you end up with double comments, just delete one.

Those albums are fabulous. I bet you'll find even more hidden treasures within them. The mystery is drawing me in, hopefully you'll be able to find out who these people were.

Barbara and Nancy said...

This is getting more and more interesting. A family story is starting to appear. Great sleuth-work, Larry.
That funeral flower display is beautiful.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh! Those are really nice albums..and so are the photos..the Funeral Card is very have begun an adventure! The walnut simulated paper is very different! :)

Tattered and Lost said...

Oh my, the last lady is so dour looking. Old photos can be so deceptive. She might have broken into a giggle as soon as the shot was taken. But this is how she goes through time.


those masons sure had some panache.
i find these documents you have to be most excellent in their quality, if not revealing [yet] into their meaning. good luck with your research.

Nancy said...

Oh, Larry, this is so interesting, learning about these albums and the treasures they hold. I hope you'll keep us posted on your findings. I think it's wonderful how you've taken this family under your wing (so to speak) and are searching them out. Great photos this week, too. Though the last lady looks so serious, I think it's amazing that she has so few wrinkles!

Pat transplanted to MN said...

I missed this display back when you posted it, but found it today while wondering where you had gone from the Sepia Saturdeay posts. This is an accomplishment to scan an album! Quite a treasure you have with the diary too!

neetzy said...

Oh Larry, I think these are fascinating. Any history that you can find is definitely worth posting - whether they are family or not. I have a lot of photos but I haven't quite figured out where they belong. I haven't posted them yet, because I can't find the back story. Keep on posting these!