Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Grandma Driver........

Late 1920's

The longer the time passes while doing Sepia Saturday, the more I am finding photos of Great Grandmother Carrie Maxson Brown Driver. She was talked a lot about by my mom and also my Grandmother who was her daughter in law. She first married my Great Grandfather William Brown. When he died she remarried a Thomas Jefferson Driver.
I want to do a very thorough blog about her but not today. I just want to share this photo. She is the woman holding a child and pointing to the camera person, probably trying to get the little girl to look toward the camera. Carrie Driver had two sets of family and the second set had the the two daughters which are probably in the picture with their husbands and children. One daughter is not really in sight in the photo The daughters names were Ida and Florence. If I count out the husbands there is an extra guy who must be one of the three sons, either Glen, William or Jesse.

E. T. Sevier

My brother was visiting our Uncle Kenny in Murray, Iowa and he had a portable scanner. Instead of dumpster diving he was doing large photo box diving. He scanned a lot of new ones for us to see of my mom's side of the family. He also scanned some non relatives. The guy above looks like he graduated from high school and he is an unknown, not our family lineage. He could be someone's neighbor's grandson or nephew.  It is a fancy folder presentation and I can not make out the photographer's name embossed on the front. It looks like Gulander. The name Sevier is a French name.

Vettie's Older Son

Another wonderful old photo which is probably a non relative. This is Vettie's older son as it is written on the back. My Aunt Sylvia was from Czechoslovakia and the name of Vettie doesn't seem German or British. I have visited with cousin Bob her son and he doesn't know the origin of it.  I believe this is one of my most favorite old photos of all that I have seen so far.

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tony said...

Ha! I Bet The Boy In The Final Photo Was A Fidget & The Photographer Made Him Hold Onto The Chair Just To Keep Still!!

Nancy said...

You have some great old family photographs! I continue to be suprised to see how families brought furniture outside for photographs a hundred or more years ago. What a blessing it is to have a family photograph like the one at the top. Wonderful.


the 3rd one is a winner!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh they are all good photos..each in their own way. I love the casualness of the first one..the kid in the chair..someone hidden and your Granny pointing!! The second is most certainly a coming of age photo..and that last little tyke looks sad..but I love the little chair:)