Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The ageing process........not my relatives

I am continuing with my explorations of the photo album I posted about last week. I had mentioned that the Webster family name seems to be the dominate name here. I have a second album that I believe is actually  the earlier generation of family. I have found Websters in that older  book and the one funeral photo explains that this man died in 1896. I believe he was a son in law to a different man, William C.Webster

William may perhaps be the older generation to D.W. Webster who gifted the red photo album either to his sister or a future wife. The red photo album will be a future post.

You can age this man in the red photo album.  He may have been at school when he had this taken as he ends up having all the rest of his photos taken in Osceola, Iowa.

Unfortunately there is no name on this guy's photo.  He may actually be the a son of the owner of this album. If the owner of the album Callie Alexander.   I did find a calling card with the name of Callie Webster in the older album.  She could have been this Callie's mother.

As he ages I can see the resemblance to an older photo of a William C. Webster.  That photo is an older generation of family so it could be his grandfather that he looks like. I will show that comparison later.

Amendment number 1.  Christine is correct, this guy has an attached earlobe.  I don't know my genetics so I don't know if the father can have attached earlobes and his offspring cannot.  I await the authorities out there who know the answer. I will have to look at the other relatives in this book to see if there are more like him.

 Just as a shot in the dark, this guy may be his younger photo.  I have no proof but I thought it would show you how mysterious this album proves to be. I know it looks like a girl with the dress but I think it must be a boy with the way the hair is combed.

This is the sneak peak of the older album that I have.  I found some interesting calling cards in here that tie to the Webster's family and to a diary with Jackson and Hill  written by Mrs. Jackson.

I have bits and pieces as I continue on.  My wife paints portraits and she is good at identifying facial features.  I intend to lay out all of the photos of this green album on the table and let her connect the family tree.

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Bob Scotney said...

He seems to have lost the curl on top of his head in Osceola later. You must have a library full of albums with fascinating stories Larry.

Christine H. said...

Photo #1 and Photo #2 look like they could be the same handsome fellow. If you look at the earlobe of Photo #3, you can see that it is definitely someone different, since he appears to have an attached earlobe.

Postcardy said...

Could he have injured his ear?

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Larry, The first two photos above...can be seen to age the man. In his younger photo he is young and proudly articulate. His hair is fashioned and he wears a a tie pin. In the next one life has taken some tolls, there is an acceptance and I see what you mean about the ear lobes..I actually thought these were the same person?? they are so very alike??
Its truely amazing!!
Yes, boys used to be clothed in dressed when small, I'd say it is a boy.
I have been going through some of my mothers old photos, having just got back from a visit to her in New South Wales. She turnes 93yrs and has entered a Nursing Home.. I feel very sad about her. My heart is with her all the time.
All the best. CM

Tattered and Lost said...

I am so fascinated with that forward/side curl in photo two. The time he had to have spent to get that just right.

Southwest Arkie said...

I thought photos 1 and 2 were the same man also. The shape of the ear, the eyes...
The photo of the child could very well be a boy- I have seen many photos of young toddler boys in dresses.
Tattered- he's pretty snazzy with that curl..

Alan Burnett said...

I can't add to the earlobes debate, but the fact that such a debate takes place illustrates the wonderful thing about our little Sepia Saturday community.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

I focused some on the way they tied their "cravats" with big generous top knots or loops. I think that the baby photo is easily a boy as I have had several photos now of little guys in dresses. The way that hair is combed resembles the 2nd photo with the side wave in the hair. All these old photos have tales to share!

Karen S. said...

What fascinating travels one has in tracing back our family....very nice collection of photos. I especially like the first photo and his lovely tie....the second one surely shows the somewhat silly hair styles back then! BTW thank you very much for your kind and generous comments on my posts. I really have been lucky so far, and of course it's a very exciting project to think about putting together and seeing everyone else's postings...they are all so interesting and each one is special!

Howard said...

Moustaches! fabulous.