Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just sitting there........

Great grandfather Charles Brown, Illinois.
Died when my grandfather was three years old in the early 1900's.

Unknown school scene of the early 1900's in southern Iowa

Unknown folk from an album found in a house in Osceola, Iowa.  Probably related to the Webster's of Osceola but that is yet to be researched.

Step grandpa Oscar Brooks with my brothers Ron, standing, and Rex on his lap.  By the age of the boys this has to  be around 1944.  Oscar was a grumpy old cote.  He would sit and stare at the black and white tv set with a baseball game being televised and spit chew next to his chair into a tall fruit juice can.  Baseball games that were televised back then usually only had one or two tv cameras so it was starring at the back of the head of a pitcher as he threw the ball.

My grandfather Leroy Brown died in 1937 and my grandmother remarried Oscar at an unknown date for me anyway.  The photo is taken on the steps of the porch of the house in Murray that my grandmother owned in Murray.  The house still stands today with it's second story having been removed and it being turned into a Cape Cod style house.  It is in a lot of disrepair these days but still stands.

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Bob Scotney said...

The school photo is interesting as there seems to be some form of seperating the boys and the girls.
I can't make out whether step grandpa Brooks has a chew in his mouth or whether he has stuck his tongue out.

The Musical Gardener said...

Love great grandpa's photo - the faux background is somewhat unusual - attempts at an outdoor setting within a studio.

Step-gramps looks like a character alright.

Crystal Mary said...

I always love looking at your photos. People come and go in time but the photos keep them alive and remembered. Thats what makes them so special. Keep them coming Larry.

Little Nell said...

Larry, How come I missed this on October 1st. Did you foregt to add to Mr Linky and comment. What a pity as it’s up to your usual standard. Why don’t you re-post it this week, especially as it has a schoolroom picture in it?

Grandpa Oscar seemed a bit of a misery didn’t he, but he must have had some hdden charms!