Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Family......

The Sepia Saturday bloggers are celebrating the fact that they are still being on board after 199 posted blog weeks. To remember the past as well as to honor it, we have continued to post pictures and words for everyone to enjoy.

This is a reposted blog from the year 2010.  I joined the Sepia Saturday group in February of 2010.  It is entitled "My Family..." which is a posting of everyone before I was born.

My older brothers doing their thing in the front yard.

Ronald James Burgus looks into the camera while his younger brother Rex Thomas Burgus checks out the person taking the photo.  While my dad was in the service in Washington D.C. and then in Europe, these guys and mom lived with Grandma Brown, mom's mother.  This is in Murray, Iowa and I suspect the year is 1945.  Ron would be 16 months older and I think he looks close to being four years old here. The house in which they are sitting still stands today, except some time after they lived there the owner removed the second story and made it look like a ranch house.

Back row: Zella Marie Brown Burgus, Dwight Burgus and Jesse Thomas Burgus
Front row: Rex and Ron Burgus

After dad returned from the war,  Dwight Lee  was born in Feb. 1947.  At first my dad worked as a mechanic, repairing tractors.  He then made his move to become a farmer.  They rented a farm in which dad would give up half of the crop for the rent. This photo is taken out on that farm, south of Murray, near a little town called Hopeville.  Someday I will blog about Hopeville. 

Click on the picture and enjoy the chicken in the background. One also can see the photographer and friend is in the picture by checking out the shadow.

 Dwight, Rex, the border collie, and Ron

This photo was taken out on the rented farm in 1949 or 50. It was south of Murray, Iowa. I was born in 1950 and I think Dwight looks almost three here. I could have been born by then but I really didn't remember living on that farm except for a few times when I was three years old. One story I have heard from the family about the dog was that he was so protective of his family and no one else was welcomed on the property. A border collie is such a loyal dog and he was lost when we moved to a new farm in 1953.

Today Ron owns a printing company in Mesa, Arizona and Rex co-owns with two partners a company that make trailers for recreation vehicles in California.  Dwight started his working life as a construction worker, working as a contractor for building companies in Mesa, Arizona.  As his addictions continued in his life he demoted himself to being a drywall installer and then a part time carpenter. He had to start living with my parents back in Osceola, Iowa in his later years.  My father died in 2000, age 82 and my mom passed away in 2008, age 89 years, three months after her death my brother Dwight died. He was 61 years old.

As I create these blogs I find it difficult to edit and cut them to a reasonable size.  Of course I know so much more about this era and I can't begin to touch it.  And yet it is satisfying to put it down and to share it.  The photos do speak volumes and that is what makes Sepia Saturday so fulfilling. If I am weak in spirit on the day that I write, the photos help me save face.  I do so enjoy being a part of this process and have grown so much in my ability to observe and to express the past world around me. 

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Gail Perlee said...

I'm so sorry you lost your brother, Dwight, but I'm glad he passed away after your mother did. My mother turned 95 in May & she's still going strong - living in her own apt. & walking 3 blocks to the store whenever she needs to. All four of us 'kids' think it's wonderful she's doing so well. But the one thing she has begun to worry about lately is the possibility of outliving one of her children. As a mother of three myself, I can imagine how awful that would be - especially since we almost lost one of our own a few years ago.

tony said...

..not only that, your photos raised my spirit & saved my face too.Thank you for showing us these fine photographs.The first one in particular has a rare clarity & directness.Best Wishes from Tony.

Doug Peabody said...

What's a porch without a swing? I can see lots of loving memories created there. Great post for Sepia Saturday 200!

Little Nell said...

I’m glad you chose this one Larry as it pays tribute to your parents and brother. I missed it first time round so it’s a pleasure to read it now.

Wendy said...

I agree with Little Nell -- a perfect choice. I also agree with you that there is immense satisfaction is sharing family photos and memories.

Karen S. said...

This is a perfect post for this edition. Your first photo, is my favorite of the bunch, all good photos, but it just looks like your brother is reaching out in this one. Very delightful.

Mike Brubaker said...

Family photos always improve with narration. The first one is a gem. Photos may stay the same but sadly nothing else ever does.

Boobook said...

You have done a great job narrating the story around the photos. Well done.

Bob Scotney said...

I;m not sure that Ronald and Rex really wanted to be photographed - their expressions say it all, Fine post - glad you used it again.

Patrica Ball Morrison said...

It looks very familiar to me and I remember reading with interest because we often travel thru Iowa. This is a great memorial for your family. Good to see you again on line.

Jackie van Bergen said...

As a 'newbie', I'm glad I got to read this one and see the photos. We had a border collie as kids too - wonderful dogs! But now we live in the city, and that is no place for a border collie - they love to run - a bit like kids really.

The Silver Fox said...

All nice photos, but that first one is my favorite!

Nancy said...

In and of themselves, these photos are wonderful, Larry, but your narrative adds so much to them. You say they help you but I believe you help them!

Kat Mortensen said...

You have such a treasure-trove of photos in your collection.
I'm curious, was Dwight named after Eisenhower?
So glad you joined Sepia Saturday back in 2010.


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

I love your posts, Larry. Don't try to shorten them, they are perfect as they are. You voice comes through loud and clear. What a wonderful family that you were born into. That is sad about your one brother, but it is good to know that the rest of you are doing fine.


Kathy M.


Great pictures!!
I hear you on properly editing our posts. Never an easy task. I should know!! Thanks for sharing these.