Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Faces of Long Ago..........

Standing on the corner, holding his hat, and spending time with his wife while having the photo taken. The photo comes from a big velvet photo album that was rescued from a rundown house in Osceola, Iowa.

I am thinking this is the same guy with the uniform of a Mason. It is a studio shot also.  I don't understand the Christian crosses on the sleeves and hat but the whole outfit is actually a standard suit with all the added accessories, making it look like a fancy coat. Maybe it is a different lodge that he belonged to as I know there were many of them in which whole families would join.

A young man sports a great mustache in a photo taken at the same photographers.

So this is not the same guy and  he is older.  The thing that I find fascinating is that it may be the same kind of tie. The attached earlobe of this guy makes him not related to the guy above him.  The above guy could have married into the family of this family.  I don't know if I will ever know.

I have lost my way from men with facial hair.  I will stop with this guy with his wife.  I do think he is the same guy as the first two photos at the top as his mustache and beard are so similar and this photo too was from the same album.  Judging from the age of the house in which this album was rescued, I think the time could be in the late 1800's. There was one calling card with a woman's name of Jackson.  I know that it is a long shot as the woman could be a sister to the women in the picture or a sister of the guy with the beard. I have yet to get to a web site to find out this family's name and the history of the people who lived there.  I see on other web sites that people like to use in this country and one can find out a lot about people by searching through the records of all those buried in cemeteries. I need to take one of the names from the album and seek out those buried in the Osceola cemetery.

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Gail Perlee said...

Very nice photos of long-ago folks from a velvet album. If only someone had taken the time to jot a few names down! Good luck finding a link in the cemetery.

Jackie van Bergen said...

I can't resist a mystery - happy hunting for the answers! Perhaps you can post again if you solve part of it (or all of it)

ScotSue said...

A fascinating collection of photos that fit the theme so well. It struck me in the first one that the wife looks rather nervous and timid, Such a pity that they were not identified in the album, but it was still a wonderful find.

Wendy said...

I like the one of the young guy with the little curl in his hair.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Great collection that exists in ether-land, the no-named land of photo albums that continue after the subjects are gone.