Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Family Shot in HIstory..........

My creativity today is focused on analyzing a family picture from 1942.  When I first looked at the photo I really didn't appreciate what I had here in the way of family history.  It is a diverse representation of four generations but with only one or two people on the many branches.

When I was younger and away from home, my mom had my two older brothers go through the photos in all the boxes.  They were told to take what they wanted and of course they would take the ones of the era of their growing up.  My years were 10 years later so many of the photos of the two older brothers would not be of anything that I would remember. Slowly but surely, my oldest brother, scans and emails to me images of the past.  I wasn't born until 12 years later but they do spark my curiosity.

I am first impressed with the clarity and good contrast of this photo. It is a photo taken in Murray, Iowa where my Grandmother moved after loosing her husband in 1937 and where my mom and oldest brother lived while my dad was in the service.  For shooting a photo with a box camera they normally will be slanted.  The second thing that amazes me is that this is truly four generations of people.  The generation steps aren't by one individual family but by the generations that you see here. If you were to visualize this photo, the tree would actually have one or more people represent on many different branches that sprout back to Grandpa Wheeler. Being a visual, I would really like to draw it out but I will spare you. 

The picture marked Grandfather Wheeler is really my Great Grandfather Wheeler.  He is the dad of my grandmother on my mom's side.

Elva Wheeler, we called him Elvie, is the son of the Grandfather in the picture and Elva is my Grandmother's brother. There were five boys and one girl in the family.  That means he is a Great Uncle. 

Kenneth sitting in the back is my Grandmother's son, my mom's brother.  He is my Uncle Kenneth and I bet Uncle Marvin is the one laying in the grass next to him. There were two boys and a girl in that family.

The Ronnie, little boy, is my oldest brother.  He is sitting there with his Great Grandfather, Great Uncle and his Uncle, maybe two uncles, in the background. 

Shirley and Freda are second cousins to Ronnie and of course myself.  Their father, not in the picture was another brother to Elva and my Grandmother.  They would be first cousins to Kenneth in the background. 

The achievement here is that I discovered a visual curiosity of a family tree.  The other thing I enjoy is how good the photo is with all it's clarity and the historic cars and houses.  The house still stands today, the one on the left, but it was turned into a one story.  My parents met and married because of this house and the history of renters my dad's sister in the upstairs of the house.  I think the garage and house next door are also still standing.  Trees have been added but it still is all there.

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La Nightingail said...

That picture covers a lot of genealogical territory!

Alan Burnett said...

A great post Larry. It really is an outstanding photograph - I too noticed the clarity straight away. Can there be a better way of spending a frosty morning than analysing old family photographs?

Anonymous said...

My first thought was, oh those lovely little tots on the lawn. Then reading your post I saw what an impressive photo it really is for family history. Those old black and white photo could be so clear and sharp.

Brett Payne said...

A nice snapshot, and unusual with four generations in one.

Patrica Ball Morrison said...

Wow, Larry how many busy such photos with unidentified people I have tossed lately. Here you have a history of sorts with names from a photo that might not otherwise have been as appreciated. Great job.

Alex Daw said...

I'm always amazed how every time I come back to a family photo I see more. I wonder who the person was to the right of the photo. And that's a lovely rocking chair that Grandfather is sitting in.n

Little Nell said...

That’s an interesting picture, and you’re quite right, very clear. Aren’t we lucky to have scanners these days so that we can share these photos with family and friends?

Tattered and Lost said...

My aunt and uncle recently died, only a few weeks separating their deaths. Sharing family photos has become something those of us who are older find a need to do. An online archive will be built in hopes that it will mean something to their grandchildren. It's nice that your brothers have shared so many images with you.