Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, September 4, 2010

All Iowans from times gone by.......

The time is the 1935's and taking photos of one another was really cool.  On the left is my Uncle Kenneth Brown, who still lives in Murray, Iowa today.  I have lost the record of how old he is but he is in his middle 90's for sure.
In the middle is my mom Zella Marie Brown Burgus. (1919-2008). She is younger than Kenny and is probably near graduation from high school which did happen in 1937 from Osceola Public Schools.  She lived in Murray and boarded weekdays in Osceola.
The guy on the right is Donald Garrett.  My mom really liked this guy, and I heard his name mentioned a lot in the later years. I do think he was a relative. I am posting this to see who out there of my relatives can give me some info about him.  He hung around the family a lot as I have seen him with vintage cars with Uncle Kenny.  He looks like a movie star of the era doesn't he?

Jumping forward in time is this photo of the backyard barbecue.  My parents belong to a group who got together every two weeks to play cards and during the summer they would barbecue. The group was a friends group as well as relatives.  On the left is my dad Jesse Burgus, Galen Burgus, a distant cousing, Bill Farr, Uncle to me and dad's BIL.  Janice Nannen, a friend to the ladies who played card together, Mary Farr, Aunt to me and dad's sister, Zella Burgus, mom, and June Walters Burgus, wife of Galen.  Apparently Ted Nannen, Janice's husband is taking the photo.
I was in college at the time so it was th 1970's.  When I was younger, I was the tag along only kid still around and I was able to get some great food at these things.

I have to get my pictures organized as I have them in piles to sort and place in family folders.  This is the Russ and Leila Wheeler Witt family.  It is a Christmas photo of family who lived on a farm near Macksburg, Iowa. From the oldest to the youngest boys is Gary, Larry, and Aldean.  The little girl's name Leann.  I know her as a grown woman and see her once in a while at family funerals.  She was the flower girl at my oldest brothers's wedding.
Leila is a Wheeler which made her a neice to my Grandmother Mabel Zella Wheeler Brown Brooks and a first cousin to my mom. I have just made new contact with Leila's nephew Troy Wheeler and I am looking forward to digging in and finding out more about my Grandmother's side.
My mom was good about rambling on about it but bad about  making it make sense.  One last session that I had with her, she was describing the stray sheep Uncle that moved away and live in Des Moines. The family didn't see much of him. Since my mom has passed away I have collected photos and documents that have really made that side of the family more clear to me. I have just found photos of the Cyrus Wheeler's, the parents of two generations back, young and old photos of the them. I will post them in the future. Their photos are actually at the top of my header photo, one large one and a small one laying on top of it.

Dwight in 6th grade in 1959.

Junior year in high school, 1963.

Dwight Lee Burgus, 1947-2008

I haven't included my brother Dwight in the Sepia Saturday blog up until now as I am still dealing with what I can say. I was close to my brother as a kid, being 3 years younger. We were the post war babies in the family. I was loyal and true to my brother while growing up.  He had a lot of problems and as he grew older the happy smile continued to dissolve. He was on a path of self destruction most of his life starting during  his college years. Addictions and insecurity can be hidden from public view but eventually they all took their toll. The abuse to his close family was probably not known.   I loved my brother and he could never love back. He never figured out relationships in a meaningful way and died young due to the life he led.


John Hayes said...

So sorry to hear about your brother--that must be a grief to you. Your family photos & the stories behind them are always interesting.

Nancy said...

I especially like the first photograph with your mother. One of the first things I thought was that even though they are not dressed up, they were so neatly dressed -- so very unlike many of today's young people who wear baggey, sloppy-looking clothing. I'm so sorry about your brother. How hard for you and the rest of his family and those who loved him.

Alan Burnett said...

Another great collection Larry. I know what you mean about getting the photographs organised - I suppose the whole Sepia Saturday idea was part of my own attempts to get my old photographs organised. I haven't managed to do it yet - indeed there seems to be more and more old photographs.

Martin H. said...

Such a sad story relating to Dwight. I can see how that is hard to deal with.

Great pictures in this post, Larry. The barbecue looks like fun.

PattyF said...

Great photos, and such interesting information to go with them. I'm so sorry about your brother, though ... that must have been very painful for you.

Tattered and Lost said...

Love that first shot. Makes me think of Donald O'Conner, Debbie Reynolds, and Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. The "Good Morning" number.

Marilyn said...

I enjoyed viewing your photos, lots of family history here. Very sad about your brother, that must have been and continues to be hard to accept and understand.

Doowmée said...

Everything had looked so calm and peaceful. I am sad for your brother who was unable to take this family warmth. Good evening

Barbara and Nancy said...

I don't know how I missed you last Saturday. And here it is almost next Saturday.
Your Uncle Kenneth and Donald Garrett are both very handsome. Are you sure Donald wasn't your mother's boyfriend?
You can even see the change in your brother in the two photos. So sad! It seems like every family has some very sad stories. I guess that's life, but I still don't like it. I'm sorry you and your family had to go through it.

Gabriele Agustini said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I like it very much.
I adore old photographs.
I, too, am sorry about your brother. May he rest in peace.

I'm now one of your "Followers".