Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Great grandparents Charles and Elizabeth Burgus

My great grandparents Charles and Elizabeth (Ries) Burgus. This photo is taken from the 1968 Murray, Iowa Centennial Book. I tried to bring it up to a better quality but this is it. There are other photos out there among my cousins and maybe I will get a copy from them someday. They had 14 children as seen below.  
A photo of their tombstones is in the blog two weeks past.

The above photo is of the 14 children shown with their mother Elizabeth Burgus.  My grandfather Charles is in the back row and he was apparently named after his father, my great grandfather Charles Burgus. He is not in the photo so he must be deceased when the photo was taken. He died in 1898 so this dates this photo some time after that.  Great grandmother Elizabeth died in 1911.

Charles b. 1832, d. 1898 and Elizabeth Ries Burgus b. 1847, d. 1911,  parents of:

Christian Frederick
b 1 Nov 1865 m Emma Corbin
Anna Maria b 19 Sept 1867 m William Neidt
Margaret b 22 Dec 1868 m Fred Spellerberg
Catherine b 24 Oct 1870 m Oscar Klein
John b 5 Nov 1872 m Alice Bingham
Henry b 5 Dec 1872 m Laura Dick  John & Henry were twins
Charles Thomas b 28 Sept 1874 m Grace Turner (my grandparents)
Elizabeth b 7April 1876 m Brady Wetzel
Louis b  Have this date at home but am doing this at the library
William b 25 Oct 1879 m Winnie Stephjenson
Mary b 7 Sept 7, 1881 m Arile Jeffers
Matilda b 24 Feb 1883 M Frank Morgan
Ernest Leland b 1 Feb 1887 m Nelle Glee
Clara Jaunita b 25 Jun 1889 m John Devine

I just realized that these would all be my Great Uncle and Aunts.

Charles Thomas Burgus born 1874, died 1949

 I am reposting the wedding photo of Charles to Grace Elizabeth Turner Burgus to tie this lineage altogether. They had 10 children which included my dad Jesse Thomas Burgus born 1918, died 2000.

This is getting to be long but I should be posting the family of 10, but it is in a previous posting. If you are curious as to what 10 family members look like click here. I have posted a lot of different photos of them when they were younger.

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Kristin said...

To have 14 children that survive to be adults with their own families, that is impressive.

Marilyn said...

Wonderful photos. 14 children in 24 years i think it was, it's hard to imagine.

Trina said...

I am so excited to see someone looking into their ancestry. There are so many stories in each beautiful photograph.

Karen said...

It is so interesting to look back at the previous generations. It makes us thankful for our heritage!

Gigi Ann said...

Congratulations, I see you made "Blogs of Note."

I didn't even know about your blog site here.

Jinksy said...

My mind boggles at the thought of all those children...Sheesh!

P said...

Interesting collection of photos!

Nancy said...

I wonder if the photograph of your great-grandmother and the 14 children was taken soon after the death of her husband. I wonder that because the women are all dressed in dark colors.

I don't know if you scanned or photographed the photos from the book. If you didn't photograph them, you might try it and see if it gives you a better image. (It worked for some photocopies of photographs I had and have posted.)

They are wonderful photos!

Barbara said...

I think we've talked about this before but my Mother's side of the family is Reis- maybe a different spelling from your Ries's. Have we noticed this before?

Far Side of Fifty said...

Big families back in the day ..I wonder how the Mothers did it they must have been tired all the time.. Good work on listing them all..I need to do this for my Paternal Grandmother as not much is known about her family..a goos winter project! :)

L. D. Burgus said...

Barbara, Yes, I tried hard to find the spelling and then I did and it is not the same spelling. It would be curious to know if the spelling was messed with when they came to this country.
Far Side, My dad was from the family of ten and the older girls were assigned babies to be their full daily responsibility to car for them so mom could get the cooking and canning done.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

gosh! What a woman

Loving the blog....Congrats on BON!

Leah said...

A photo of all 14 grown children, how extraordinary! Quite staggering really, and as with other commenters, I marvel at the logistics of caring for such an enormous household, though of course you'd always have older children to pitch in.

ABG said...

nice collections

sEAN bENTLEY said...

Yes, congratulations on the Blogger of Note mention, Larry! May your hits quintuplicate. :)

Michelle Suarez said...

Congrats!! After my grandfather passed away this summer I started trying to put together a family tree of sorts from pictures he had in a closet. I found some from our family in Cuba before coming to the US, and even some of his family before going to Cuba. It's fascinating!

Christine H. said...

Wow, 14 children, and they all look healthy and vigorous. I just can't imagine how hard it would be to raise that many kids.

L. D. Burgus said...

That family of 14 children and my grandfathers family of 10 were farm families in Iowa. The grew so much food and preserved it for winter. The had animals that they were raising and I am sure they would butcher one ever so often to keep food on the table. Everybody helped farm or worked in the house to keep things going. So not having disease and dying from accidents would be the only problems.

Anonymous said...

great man.., you really got those antique photo from your ancestors, that so hard to collect. job dude!!

Justin and Lluvia Hoste said...

Where in Iowa are you from? I am from western Illinois, so when I saw your post I got interested. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Good stuff on this blog!!

Silvia said...

Your blog is very interesting!
I find it so hard to read with all that transparency in the background. Just thought you might want to know.


you sure come from a big family!!
being an only child from parents coming from smaller families than your won, i envy those who have many siblings. like them or hate them, they must make you feel connected, somehow...
something i've always missed in my life.
oh well!!

Mr.eNt said...

Great photo,keep it as a treasure of family..:)

CadillaC said...

your blog and these all photographs are arousing positive emotions, willingness to move back sie into the past:) I am adding to observed :)

hdobie said...


Jennifer said...

I have been working on my family tree as well as my husband's. His family goes back to Charles and Elizabeth Burgus too. Anna Marie Burgus Neidt was his great great grandmother. We live in your neck of the woods, south of Truro. Fun to find your blog. I think I'll subscribe so we can share pics and info. Thanks, Larry.