Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Friday, June 17, 2011

Being outside on Sepia Saturday.......

My older brother Ron with Rex, my second oldest brother,  sitting out on the front porch.  I know they are posed and it is cold, but the light is good out there for taking pictures. I am dating this picture as being around 1943.

My parents Zella Brown and Jesse Burgus at the time.  They were dating so it was the summer of 1940. They are visiting a state park.  I have an album full of different people who are there with them on that day. The camera does work well outside in the sunshine.

A daily vacation Bible School class lines up out in front of the parsonage to get their activity recorded in history on film.  In the summer in Iowa the sun does get directly above us and it looks like the tops of their heads are getting good sun. My mom is in the back row and she must be helping with the class. I don't see any of my brothers in this photo so they were too young to be in this class.  I date this around 1944.

Outside in 1951 in the spring stands Larry, the most blurry one, and my brother Dwight.  I am over one and a half years old here and that make Dwight four years old.  Outside works for good lighting but the old box camera works only when you can figure out how to turn that little focus knob and look into that postage size glass viewfinder.   Most all of my baby pictures and older are a blur to me and are a visual blur to everyone else too.

The digital world has turned photography into a whole different world. Not only did you have to find the light with your box camera,  you also had to find the developer to make your photos.  So many times bad pictures were paid for when the photographer was young and inexperienced. Other time the adult was" wasting film" as we use to call it due to operator error.  Whatever way we now take our photos, it still is such an art form and a wonderful way of recording life and it's history.  It is just like a Kodak commercial that you can snap an instant memory. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Photos of the unknown.........


All that it says on the back of the photo is "a friend of mine."  My dad had taken it either in Belgium or on a short weekend adventure that they had taken through the different European countries.  I do know that but he did end up in Paris on the one weekend journey.  For an Iowa farm boy, I could see his eyes getting real big as he visited Europe.  The time had to be 1943 or 44.  France had to have been relieved of it's German visitors by then.

This photo has no inscriptions on the back. I am thinking it was from an army friend that was sent to him.  It was from his collection of war photos but I don't know it's location.  It looks somewhat tropical to me but those are not palm trees.  People sitting on the ground and the small shelter buildings look like they were built for a hot climate with screening on the front. 
It could have been one of his brother's photos as there was one and one brother-in-law who also was involved in the service.  I will never know about this mystery picture, even though it does have to be in the 1940's.

The Bonds Hotel

A photo of my dad, standing on a balcony of a stair in front of the Bonds Hotel.  I again do not know it's actual location just the approximate year it was taken.