Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Monday, September 7, 2015


At the south end of Lake Superior, the deepest clear water lake in the world, sits a harbor.  Duluth, Minnesota, where there is a lot of history in the shipping of lumber, iron ore and other products that are shipped all over the world.  The entrance to the harbor has a draw bridge that raises up to allow the ships to move through the channel. The harbor has a lot of history with the people thriving on fishing and companies shipping goods.

The view is towards the inlet of the Atlantic ocean near Bar Harbor, Maine.  The bridge from one dock to another is crucial as the one dock raises and lowers with the tide.  The chains are there to keep things from floating away. When the tide is down the chains are long enough to stay connected as things drop 12 feet or more.

A bridge in the same area to all the docks is used the  photo of my youngest son and his wife.  It was their wedding day and they had been married on Cadilllac Mountain earlier.  This was taken a few years ago.
Among my dad's war photos is this one of Belgium children fishing off of the bridge.  The time in history would be around the 1940's and soldiers are waiting to be shipped out to go to the front of the Battle of the Bulge, trying to send the German front troops back into their own country.  I don't think my dad is one of these guys but I can't be sure.  The one guy has borrowed a pole from the kids to see what he can do.  I have had this photo around for a while but never noticed that it originally was a metal bridge and it must have been bomb.  A makeshift wooden bridge has been interwoven into the old metal one.

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