Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Faces Tell Their Own Story..........

They are all gone now.  Everyone in every picture has passed away.  They all had relationships with others.  Most werefamily, friends and spouses that they related too.  The all met strangers along the way that they communicated with in life.  The stories of each  one face has its generational story and all of these are in the 1800's.

Sisters who grew up and became close friends. Married and also had large families and lived within the same area all of their lives. Both lost their maiden name of Ries and became a part of their husbands family tree name.

A husband and wife who posed for the photographer.  I wonder why they have one turned to look the other direction. Was that to make the woman look like a beauty gazing off in the other direction.  Movie stars would gaze to the side to show their best features but formal couple photography seemed to do that many times.

A family bunch leaving from a get together.  You needed a hat to keep warm and a good sturdy coat. The faces of each have had different walks in life but they were all walking with family very close by them.  I used photos from my past blogs but cropped out all of the things that distract us from the faces of people.  It is amazing to see the spirit of people showing through regardless of time and there present situations in life.

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