Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Fourteen Strong...

I have had in my side panel, a photo of my nephew holding a photograph of my great grandma Burgus. She is surrounded by her fourteen children. The photo I lost track of was the one my nephew was holding.  My dad did not own the photo but his sister did.  He asked to hang in his house for a while and my aunt Amy did consent.  I do think she put a time limit on it like six months.

Anyway, the story is such that after my dad returned the framed photo, my dad died, and then about a year or so later she died.  The photo was gone for sure.  My aunts daughter, my cousin Patty, grabbed it and ran back to Colorado.

Probably 19 years later another cousin of mine who lives an hour away, received this wonderful digital copy of the photo.  They were a distant relatives who sent it to her.  There line of family of the above family was gone and they had not one to will it to.  So the image is back in her hands and now in my hands, digitally.

My grandfather is the one fourth from the left. His name is Charles Burgus. He was the son that was named after his father Charles Burgus.  He had passed away before this photo was taken.

I now have time to study this photo and find the names of all of them. My grandfather in the back row died in 1949.  You can see him in the past blog of this one.

There are many who follow this blog who also post on the Sepia Saturday blog.  You can check out that group by clicking on this SEPIA SATURDAY.  Thanks for stopping by today.  I have been gone for a while and am glad I am back.

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Sr Crystal Mary Lindsey said...

Larry... here is your old Ozzie friend, sneaking back to peek at your page.. I love old photos and now I write about those times in my books.. Being born in the 1940's I can remember many things that have long gone. Dirt roads, not wearing shoes to school, a bath once a week, and only one tap in the house which gave cold water..

Such a wonderful lady, your grandmother above and having all those children in a time when there weren't the modern cons to help. So special. I loved seeing this. Really, what would she, your grandfather or offspring have thought about our world today?? I don't believe we have progressed but rather regressed.. respect is gone and so is much of the personal closeness shared in those bygone days.
A hug and blessings sent to you.